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Capital Builder Funds


Capital Builder Funds

“We aim to ensure that our investors consistently get absolute fixed returns as TCG invests in multiple portfolio companies to facilitate diversification.”

Capital Builder Funds

TCG offers investors absolute fixed returns on active funds.

TCG’s active funds arrive from a diverse investment method execution targeted to provide fixed returns to investors

The Financial Delirium Triggers

Wars, Flu, Recessions, Corporate Decisions, Political Downfall, Civil war, Natural Disasters, and Economic Depression play direct roles and affect the companies.

The Repercussions

Trade Downfall

Bank Investment Plunge


Companies Bankrupt

Asset Losses

The Bottle Neck

Currently, the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War strangulating established supply routes globally ushering in business delinquency.

TCG's Genius Solution For Capital Builder Funds

Absolute Returns Strategy – Our team of financial connoisseurs monitors and liquidates investments through diversified markets in real-time circumstances established on current market risks.

TCG's Capital Builder Funds Offers Investors

Returns Earned from Day 1

Quarterly Liquidity

Secure Currency

Entire Principal Withdrawal After Basic Period

Absolute fixed returns propose investors with definitive absolute fixed returns by minimizing the risk of exposure to any cataclysm that may unwind around the globe. It is the most financially unassailable way to keep your investment’s payoffs coursing consistently. Start investing smartly with TCG and hassle-free absolute fixed returns. absolute fixed returns.