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Letter to Investors...

A memorandum to our investors for hassle-free sustainable investments with TCG


We cherish our investors as brood more than clients to assure that we have a robust affinity and sealant for eons, hence we have a unique association.


Dear Investors,

Allow me to elaborate on TCG which was established in 2014. Since our advent, we have provided investors with fixed returns and hold several accolades and commendations under our belt for our achievement in the financial business sector. Our vision is to provide future investors like yourself with rational global asset management guidance, adaptable fund diversification, leveraging collateral, and pulling on the strength of our financial incident and perspicuity, while preserving the latest financial sector investments to be a pioneer with multi-asset, multi-geographical portfolio companies.

TCG is on a mission to construct value through world financial governance, using smart assessments, deep expertise, and ambitious practices to generate sustainable investments for future investors like you. We will also cover you with privileged services like family governance, expert financial consulting, and managing all our shareholder assets. So far, we have four baseline offices located in Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain, and India.

Our financial investment procedures break old-school models and configurations and conduct real-time hands-on investments and strategical approaches. TCG’s asset strategy invokes leveraging over various extensions, yielding options underneath jubilant opportunities via investments that help aid superior returns. You will be a part of our investors’ family which are dispersed globally across 29 countries further accentuating our success story as a multi-asset, multi-geographical investment companies.

You, as a future investor in our portfolio of companies, are the upcoming successful investor with TCG. I sincerely hope that you place your trust and investment in our hands. We also take a step further by investing in shares above 51% to guarantee we own portfolio company decision-making rights. This enables us to adapt company strategies, augment margins, and even manage regime governance to ensure the company is at its highest efficiency.

Our current standing with AUM Circa is SGD 1 Billion with a discretionary portfolio of SGD 300 Million and is on a constant rise and growing expansion. Our leadership board consists of industry professionals with an unrivaled record so we can assure you that your investment shall always be in good hands.

We at TCG work cautiously with financial prudence to ensure that we capitalize on opportunities to increase growth and add value to your investment. If you need any further clarifications about any of our investment strategies and how you stand to profit when you enroll with TCG as an investor, then please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts that ponder your mind and our TCG financial specialist will be delighted to assist in all your queries.

Yours Sincerely

Mohit Ralhan

(Distinguished Fellowship from IOD)
Chief Executive Officer

Capital Builder Funds

Capital Builder Funds

Investors at TCG start earning superior incomes and can have flexibility at withdrawal
Why Invest With Us ?

Why Invest With Us ?

TCG offers transparency, consultation and fixed earnings with diverse investment possibilities