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Shariah Funds


TCG Global Capital Builder Fund Approach

Technology at the Core of Investment Strategy
Driving Superior Liquidity, Wealth Accumulation and Consistent Returns in Leading Currencies.

Listed Securities Funds – A Fast Growing Critical Asset Class for Investors

The Investment Strategies Are Rapidly Shifting Towards Machine Learning/Rule Based Systems

Using “Pure” ML/Rule Based Strategies

Increase in Share of AUM for ML/Rule Based Strategies over Last Decade

of the US Market Cap is held by Tech Driven/ Systematic Strategies

Industry Experts anticipate use of data analytics to become key for creating Alpha (SigTechSurvey 2022)

Source: HFR,, Aurum, SigTech, Barclays

ML/Rule Based Strategies Increasingly Continue to Outperform

Performance Comparison – Annualized Returns

The ML/Rule Based Investment Strategy out performs every other investment strategy inlisted equities asset class along with MSCI World Index, the global benchmark for listed equities

TCG Global Capital Builder Fund​

Performance Track Record

Fund Performance (Sep 2021 to May 2023)

Net Investor Returns (USD) On Invested Capital

Generated Better Returns at Lower Risk in Comparison to All Major Benchmarks

Fund Performance Comparison to Benchmarks

TCG Global Capital Builder Fund​

Shariah Series

Addressing Diversification Beyond Sukuks with Higher Liquidity, Lower Duration and Relatively Higher Returns

Offers Investors Stable and Consistent Returns…

An Investment that offers stable dollar/pound returns, flexible maturity and option of any time principal & profits withdrawal-ability

Minimum Investment: USD/GBP 100,000

*Management Fee is accrued monthly and paid quarterly
*Performance Fee is calculated and paid half-yearly

  • Subscription shall be done at the NAV of previous calendar month’s end date if investment is received before 15th of the current calendar month and otherwise at the NAV of current calendar month’s end date.
  • Redemption shall be done at the NAV of previous calendar month’s end date
  • A Redemption Fee of upto 5% in Year 1 and upto 2.5% in Year 2and Zero from Year3*

…Delivering Superior Results in Comparison to Sukuks

Sukuk Outstanding Volume of by Yield Bucket (%) (2011–21)

Source: IFSB estimates based on data from Refintiv.

TCG Rule Based Investing Leverages Machine Computing and Analytics…

Repetitive Decision Making (Executions) Without Any Behavioral Biases

TCG Shariah Compliant Fund Ensures Superior Risk Management Outcome

Fund Structure and Onboarding Process

*Investment strategy and capital allocation is at the discretion of Fund Board of Directors.