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TCG exists with shared knowledge in structuring financial investments and businesses. We live through eons of market cycles while founding a long-term legacy where employees can thrive and flourish.


Growth & Career Development

To Pursue Greatness

TCG strongly believe a financial business is as good as its core foundation. Our foundation relies on the contribution by our employees. We believe in a give-and-take policy. We recognize talent and reward it equally. The pursuance and dedication of our staff have made us pioneers in the international finance sector. Your career destiny is illuminated with a surplus of internal growth within our organization.

What Makes Us Unique ?

TCG is assembled on firm pillars that accentuate our core values

Mutual respect for one another and embrace muti-diversity.

Responsibility and taking ownership of opportunities to contribute.

Being trustworthy, and showcasing integrity are values we adore.

Equality & Fairness with all employees with performance evaluation.

Good sportsmanship when it comes to being competitive.

Our Work Environment

TCG works in a fast-paced environment where experience, knowledge, and improvising based on changing financial trends are something we seek from all employees.

Understanding and the ability to predict by using logic, calculation, and estimating with a good sense of wisdom and judgment is how our business blossoms.

We offer complete transparency when it comes to communication with our clients so our clients always return to us for future financial investments.

Gain recognition in a performance-driven organization

We encourage you to apply for all open positions.